Medicare A & B Part D Prescription Drug

Changes to the NY Medicare Savings Program in 2023

If you are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B and have limited income you may be able to get assistance with your health care costs through a Medicare Savings Program (MSP)  If eligible, you will receive help paying the Medicare Part B premium, (currently $164.90) and automatically get Extra Help, the federal program that […]

Part C Medicare Advantage

Another Open Enrollment Period?

Medicare’s 2023 Open Enrollment Period, also known as the Annual Enrollment Period, concluded on December 7. Since there are three other Enrollment Periods (Initial, General and Special) it is no surprise that when we hear about a fifth Enrollment Period – this one begins on January 1 and ends March 31 – we shake our […]

Medicare A & B Medicare supplement

What is a High Deductible Medigap Plan?

Once Original Medicare approves a claim, it will deduct from its approved amount that which you are responsible for and pay the difference directly to the provider. That amount you are responsible for; the Part A deductible, the Part B deductible and Part B 20% co-share is often paid through the purchase of a secondary […]

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug

The New Law and Medicare Part D

Well, just as we are finishing up the annual federal and carrier Medicare Advantage and Part D certifications for 2023, the US House and Senate passed a bill (H.R. 5376 titled Inflation Reduction Act of 2022) which includes some important changes to the Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Some of these changes take effect […]

Part D Prescription Drug

The 2021 Medicare Part D Drug Plan Phases

During the first quarter of the new year I often receive this question: “Dan, I went to refill my prescription and was quoted almost double what I paid in December.” Here’s why. Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans reset each year on January 1 and benefit levels start again at the first of four phases. […]

Part D Prescription Drug

COVID-19 Vaccination Update

I have received several inquiries these past few days as New York State followed the updated CDC guidelines and announced that anyone over the age of 65 is now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. (This was one day after announcing that those over 75 were eligible, and that the 65-74 age group was probably […]

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What If I Missed the Medicare AEP Deadline?

This year’s Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (October 15 through December 7) was a busy time and we are grateful for the scores of individuals and couples who permitted our team of agent advisors to help with their 2021 Part C Medicare Advantage or Part D Prescription drug plan selection. (The December 7 deadline did not […]


Get Questions Answered at “Medicare 101” Webinar

Are you going to be eligible for Medicare in the near future? Have you been enrolled in Medicare for awhile and want to better understand what it offers? Do you have a family member you help with Medicare issues? If you answered yes, then “Medicare 101” is for you. This no sales-pitch educational webinar, led […]

Medicare A & B

Enrolling in Medicare Part B and the Coronavirus Crisis

If receiving your Social Security retirement benefits before age 65, you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. The coverage usually begins the month of your 65th birthday and the Part B Medicare premium is withheld from your Social Security benefit payment. Many individuals working past age 65 and still insured through […]

Medicare supplement

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan G?

Medicare Supplement Plan G, also called Medigap, coverage is very similar to Plan F. It offers great value for beneficiaries who are willing to pay a small annual deductible. After that, Plan G provides full coverage for all of the gaps in Medicare. It pays for your hospital deductible, copays and coinsurance. It also covers […]