Medicare Plans available in New York and elsewhere!

Who Are We? DGAlcorn & Associates is a team of experienced, independent and local health insurance professionals licensed in New York, Massachusetts, Florida and other states. Our local agent advisors can assist you with enrolling in Medicare and selecting supplemental and prescription drug coverage matched to you individual needs.

What Plans Are Available?  Ask your agent advisor about adding a Medicare Supplement Plan (aka Medigap) Plan to Original Medicare Parts A and B. You will also need a Prescription Drug Plan.

Or, you may choose to combine Medicare Parts A, B and D into a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C.) These are offered through private companies. Many Medicare Advantage plans have monthly premiums as low as $0 and include additional benefits not available through Original Medicare.

Why Use a Local Agent to Select a Medicare Plan? You are always free to do your own research and enroll directly in any plan of your choice. However, using a local, experienced and independent agent gives you access to an unbiased review of Medicare plans most closely matched to your medications, providers, travel plans and budget. Of course, our services are at no additional cost to you and continue after you enroll in the plan of your choice.

How Can I Learn More?  Check out some client reviews, attend a complimentary Medicare 101 webinar , give us a call at (518) 346-2115 or, using the form below, send an agent advisor a note with your questions.

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