A Welcome from Dan Alcorn: Medicare Plan Specialist

A little about me. My experience includes a banking career that began in the 70s in New Hampshire. Later, through the 90s, as Senior Vice President of Chittenden Bank I was responsible for an array of commercial and consumer banking services.

With over 40 years of financial services experience, I enjoy helping individuals prepare for retirement security through their selection of Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug or Medicare Advantage (Part C) insurance solutions. My home state resident license is issued by New York State however I assist individuals beyond New York including neighboring states of Massachusetts, New Jersey as well as Virginia and Florida.

I was born in New York State, and having lived in New Hampshire and Vermont now reside in Schenectady County, New York.

I invite you to read some client reviews, subscribe to the blog update, attend a live presentation or virtual webinar and, of course, please call (518) 346-2115 or send me a note with your questions.

With gratitude,

Dan Alcorn


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