Medicare 101 – Educational Webinar


Medicare 101 is a no-obligation educational webinar. In this online Zoom presentation, your host, independent and licensed agent. Dan Alcorn will answer the Frequently Asked Questions about Medicare Parts A, B, C and D.

It costs nothing to login and view the no-sales-pitch presentation from the convenience of your home computer, tablet or smart phone. Making It Easy!  No video camera is required. You can post your questions through a chat box or use your microphone.

It’s easy to reserve a spot at any session. Simply choose a date from the drop-down box when completing the form below.

The link and access code to the webinar will be sent to your email from dan @ within minutes. (Be sure to check your spam folder.) Save the instructions, add the date and time to your calendar and we’ll “see you” at the Zoom webinar.

Medicare 101 Educational Webinar

    Medicare Specialist Dan Alcorn, licensed since 2011, has assisted nearly 500 individuals in his home state of New York and elsewhere with their selection of a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription drug plan.