Medicare Advantage Plans for Veterans

medicare advantage plans for veterans

DGAlcorn & Associates is pleased to offer Medicare Advantage PPO plans that are a great fit for individuals enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B and also use the Veterans Administration for prescription drug benefits.

Since the VA drug benefit satisfies the requirement to have drug coverage at least as good as Medicare Part D, insurance companies can offer a Medicare Advantage plan without prescription drug coverage, called “MA-Only.” And because the companies save money from not including drug coverage, the plans include additional attractive benefits.

Q: Can I enroll in a MA-Only plan now or do I have to wait until January 1?

A: Yes, because there is a Special Enrollment Period available throughout the year. Medicare beneficiaries looking to change their Part C or Part D plans must usually wait until the Annual Enrollment Period which begins October 15 for a January 1 effective date. However, veterans with VA drug benefits have a Special Enrollment Period which means veterans can enroll in the MA-Only plan with an effective date the first of the next month. [more info ]

Below, to the right of the company name, click on Plan Name for more information on that company’s Medicare Advantage MA-Only plan available to residents in select counties in New York State. [note: table best viewed in landscape / horizontal mode]

Company Plan Name Plan Code 
Aetna Medicare Eagle PPO H5521-323
CDPHP Flex PPO H5042-012
Highmark BlueShield Valor PPO H5526-024
Humana Honor PPO H5970-016
United HealthCare Patriot R5342-002

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