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Start by making a complete list of your Part D medications; the prescriptions you have filled through the retail or mail order pharmacy. No need to include the over-the-counter supplements or medications.  

Some pointers on this:

  • Get the exact medication name (and spelling) from your prescription package. You may surprised to discover you are taking a generic version of a brand name medication.
  • Make a note of the medication format. Believe it or not, the drug formularies may have different coverage for a medication based on whether it is a capsule, tablet, cream, aerosol, etc.
  • Make a note of the dosage on the packaging label, no matter how many you take at one time or if you cut a pill. Like with the format above, the drug formularies may differ for medications with different dosages.
  • Frequency. This is where you indicate how many or how frequently you take the medication listed above. For example, if you take two 100 mg pills daily, you are not taking a 200 mg dosage daily but rather two 100 mg pills. Yes, these distinctions can affect which Part D you choose.

Step 2. Create or login to your personal account at  If are already enrolled in a Medicare plan with Part D coverage, you will see under “My Information” a link to view “My Saved Drugs.” This will display the medications for which your Part D coverage has processed claims.  You can add, delete or edit medications to the updated list you prepared above.

Step 3.

Once you have reviewed or updated your list of saved drugs, your Medicare .gov page will display the Part D Prescription Drug plans available in your county. You may want to sort by total annual cost – that includes the plan’s monthly premium, annual deductible and prescription costs. You can compare the different plans and download summary information for review. And, if you prefer, you can enroll online in the selected plan directly through the website.  Or, if you would like the assistance of one of our local licensed agents, simply use the form at the bottom of this page to connect with an agent serving your area.

Items to coMPARE when selecting your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan:
Premium Your Part D premium is paid to a private company and is separate from Part B which is paid to Medicare.  [Note: If you are enrolled in Social Security Extra Help, the Part D premium may be partially or fully subsidized.)
Deductible Your Part D plan may include a deductible, the amount you pay before the plan benefits begin. The deductible can range from $0 to $500 and can apply to some or all medications. You will want to know the deductible amount and which, if any, of your medications are subject to deductible. [Note: If you are enrolled in Social Security Extra Help, the deductible may be partially or fully subsidized.)
Formulary Each Part D plan publishes a list of medications covered. Federal law requires plans to include at least two drugs from each class of drug category on their formulary – but not necessarily your medication.  We want to make sure your current prescribed medications are included.
Tier Levels Drug tiers are how prescription drugs are divided into different levels of cost; Tiers 1 and 2 are lower cost and Tier 3, 4 and 5 higher cost. The plan formulary will include the drug tier and may differ by dosage and form. Competing drug plans may include the same drug and dosage in their separate formularies however they could differ by tier designation. Double check this!
Cost After the deductible, if applicable, is met a 30 day supply of medication will include cost sharing. The plan document will state whether your share is a fixed dollar cost (co-pay) or a percentage (co-sharing.)
Pharmacy The drug copay costs, which differ by tier level, assume you are having your prescription filled at a preferred pharmacy, retail or mail order. It is true you can have your prescriptions filled at most pharmacies however using the preferred pharmacy usually lowers your copay amounts.

Q: “What About that new law that is supposed to lower prescription drug costs?”

A: Check out our blog post detailing how that law will affect Part D. And when. Click here for the article.

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