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(06/30/2021 Suzanne M. has been Dan’s Medicare client since 2015 with a plan upgrade in 2020. Thank you, Suzanne, for this kind review posted to our Facebook page.)
(11/26/2020 Dottie M. has been Dan’s Medicare client since 2019 and posted this kind review on Facebook. Thank you, Dottie.)
(November 2020 – Joyce S of Long Island NY called with questions about those Joe Namath TV commercials and her Medicare Supplement and Part D drug plans. Staying with what she has for 2021.)
Email to Dan from a client

“Dan has been our go to person for all our questions about health insurance. He has helped us through some very difficult times with always the right answer to all our questions. Now that I am a widow Dan has pointed me in the right direction for all my insurance needs. Thanks Dan, for all your help for many years.” – Kathy K. (11/12/2020)

“Daniel Alcorn made the stressful situation of choosing the right Medicare health insurance plan for me much less stressful. He was knowledgeable, patient and thoughtful, listening to my concerns and needs. I received my new card just a few days after we spoke with the “effective begin date” I needed. Everything seems to be in place. I haven’t used it yet, but expecting all to go smoothly. Thank you Dan. Also, he responded to my initial call promptly, where as others I tried to contact didn’t do so, due to Covid.”
– Linda M. (7/6/2020)

“Even if you don’t know exactly what you need, he can help. He is there to educate you every step of the way. I highly recommend him!”
– Alice E.

” Dan is very knowledgeable and made the application process pretty easy.”
– Janet I (08/03/2020)

Card sent to Dan from a client

“Dan Alcorn thinks ahead and communicates well, keeping us up-to-date with what our insurance can do for us. As I write this, we are dealing with Covid-19. We all are experiencing many changes and upheavals in our society. Today I got an in-depth and helpful email from Dan explaining how to get medical help through the Virtual Medical Visit and the Nurseline service included with our plan. His informational and reassuring manner are much appreciated. Thank you, Dan!” -DJM (3/16/2020)

(November 2020 – Leona V was referred to Dan for help with her friend’s Medicare plan selection. We helped her friend enroll in NY State EPIC fee based program – saving him money with his Part D premium and prescription copays.)
Letter to Dan from a client
(08/11/20) Phyllis D. has been Dan’s Medicare client since 2017 and posted this generous review on Facebook. Thank you, Phyllis.

“I got $20,000 worth of treatment for $20 … Everything was covered.”
“In this whole thing, the most precious thing is that peace of mind knowing that you are covered. Yes, you strain a little on your monthly budget. But things happen unexpectedly and you are covered. It’s really beautiful.”
Signe and Bob

Email to Dan from a client

“Dan was informative and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the insurance I requested. Above all he is a kind and considerate man, answering my many questions with the ease of a man that definitely knows his business. I am comfortable with my choice of insurance due to his facts, information and skills. Thank you Dan”
-Terry B.

Extra Help for Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D

“Dan, where to start friendly, knowledgeable, punctual, helpful and professional. He guided me through the choices and comfortably to the best insurance policies for me as quickly as he did. Thank you!”
-Cliff L.

Letter to Dan from Robert Parker Foxworth


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