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Delaying Medicare Part B

Diane turned 65 in April 2023, however, declined the Medicare Part B coverage as she chose to remain working and insured through her employer’s group health plan.

In mid November, she decided her retirement date would be year-end and asked about Medicare Supplement plan to become effective in six weeks, January 1.

I advised that she would need to contact Social Security and activate Part B. And I also walked her through the form her employer would need to confirm she had been covered through the group plan since her 65th birthday. (That form prevents being assessed a Late Enrollment Penalty for going without coverage.)

Social Security expedited the Part B activation while I confirmed her primary care, specialist providers, and two medications were included in the Medicare Advantage PPO plan she chose.

On December 18th, her enrollment was all set for January 1, and I’m so appreciative of the kind words in her review posted a few days later.

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