Medicare A & B Medicare supplement

Medicare 2022 Part A, Part B and IRMAA Premiums

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has set the premium amounts for Medicare Part A and Part B for the calendar year 2022. 2022 Medicare Part B Premiums The 2022 standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B beneficiaries is $170.10, a $21.60 increase from the $148.50 standard amount for 2021.   2022 Medicare […]

Case Studies Part D Prescription Drug

A Medicare Advantage case study.

If you, a loved one, friend or neighbor has experienced “sticker shock” with your Medicare Part D prescription drug co-payment, the following case study may interest you. Earlier this week, I received this message from an Albany New York County couple: “We were talking with our neighbor Kathy about the sudden and unaffordable cost of […]