Medicare Part D Drug Plans

Medicare Part D prescription drug plans in New York.

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Items to coMPARE when selecting your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan:
Premium Your Part D premium is paid to a private company and is separate from Part B which is paid to Medicare.  [Note: If you are enrolled in Social Security Extra Help, the Part D premium may be partially or fully subsidized.)
Deductible Your Part D plan may include a deductible, the amount you pay before the plan benefits begin. The deductible can range from $0 to $480 and can apply to some or all medications. You will want to know the deductible amount and which, if any, of your medications are subject to deductible. [Note: If you are enrolled in Social Security Extra Help, the deductible may be partially or fully subsidized.)
Formulary Each Part D plan publishes a list of medications covered. Federal law requires plans to include at least two drugs from each class of drug category on their formulary – but not necessarily your medication.  We want to make sure your current prescribed medications are included.
Tier Levels Drug tiers are how prescription drugs are divided into different levels of cost; Tiers 1 and 2 are lower cost and Tier 3, 4 and 5 higher cost. The plan formulary will include the drug tier and may differ by dosage and form. Competing drug plans may include the same drug and dosage in their separate formularies however they could differ by tier designation. Double check this!
Cost After the deductible, if applicable, is met a 30 day supply of medication will include cost sharing. The plan document will state whether your share is a fixed dollar cost (co-pay) or a percentage (co-sharing.)
Pharmacy The drug copay costs, which differ by tier level, assume you are having your prescription filled at a preferred pharmacy, retail or mail order. It is true you can have your prescriptions filled at most pharmacies however using the preferred pharmacy usually lowers your copay amounts.
2022 Plan Year Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Details

DGAlcorn & Associates Agent Advisors are licensed and appointed to represent private companies offering standalone Medicare Part D plans:

2022 Coverage Gap (aka Donut Hole) After your total drug costs reach $4,430, you will pay no more than 25% coinsurance for generic drugs or 25% coinsurance for brand name drugs, for any drug tier during the coverage gap stage.

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