Dental Coverage

3 Dental Coverage Options

I) Dental Insurance Plan

All dental insurance plans include a monthly premium. Some policies require a waiting period or deductible amount to be paid before benefits begin. Some may also have an annual or lifetime cap on claims. After doing some research, including feedback from clients and area dentists, I have come across three insurance plans most frequently recommended:

  1. Physicians Mutual. What I like about their policies is No Deductible, No Annual Benefit Cap and you can receive an exact quote of how much of your claim will be paid before having the dental work done.  VISIT SITE
  2. Cigna. This company offers three stand alone plans; preventative with no deductible or waiting period and two traditional plans with deductible and annual maximum. What I like most about Cigna is the positive feedback from area dentists participating in the Cigna network. OBTAIN A CIGNA QUOTE HERE
  3. AARP Delta Dental. Many of my Medicare Supplement clients belong to AARP who has partnered with Delta Dental in offering two PPO plans (visit any dentist) and one prepaid dental HMO plan. Both PPO plans include a deductible and annual maximum. What I like about this offer is simple: both AARP and Delta Dental are trusted brands.  OBTAIN A DELTA DENTAL AARP QUOTE HERE

II) Dental Group Discount Savings Plan

Much like membership in an association or trade group representing a large group of buyers, joining a Dental Savings Plan can reduce the your cash price for preventative and comprehensive dental services at offices offering the group discount.

  1. VitalSavings by Aetna Present your dental savings card at participating dentists in the US and save 15-50%
  2. Ameriplan $24.95 to $39.95 monthly offers similar savings at dentists nationwide. Call 1-800-647-8421

III) Dental Rider added to a Medicare Advantage Plan

Your Medicare Advantage plan may include a preventative dental benefit such as one or two cleanings per year.  Some Medicare Advantage plans offer, for an additional premium, a Dental Rider which provides comprehensive and restorative coverage beyond just preventative.


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