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The $9 billion in Extra Cash From Medicare

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On January 4, 2019 the Wall Street Journal published a powerful article written by Joseph Walker and Christopher Weaver describing how Medicare Part D insurers kept $9.1 billion more in taxpayer funds than they would have had their estimates been accurate from 2006 to 2015. In the WSJ  article, the writers do a deep dive […]


Medicare Telephone Scam (please share)

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Criminals try to scam seniors year-round however the Annual Enrollment Period (October 15 – December) is a prime time for scammers to impersonate a government agency, as older Americans are more likely to be dealing with Medicare related issues. The latest scam focuses on the new Medicare ID card being sent to all Medicare recipients […]

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A Medicare pilot program raises questions about care…

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In this September 2017 Washington Post article (link below), the writer shares the story about a Medicare pilot program after his 90 year old mother fell, and the resulting hospital and rehabilitation facility experience. The writer legitimately questions whether the hospital and rehabilitation facility fast tracked his mother who, suffering from dementia, wasn’t progressing quickly […]

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Medicare for All or State Control: Competing Senate Health Care Plans

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This New York Times article (here’s the link) suggests the competing US Senate health plans, Federal Medicare for All vs. Block Grants to States, are polar opposites. Years ago in Canada, these very opposites met in the middle. Canadian Tommy Douglas is considered by many the “Father of Medicare” for introducing the first provincial hospital insrance program […]