Medicare Supplement Plans – Massachusetts

In our complementary Medicare 101 educational webinars, we discuss the difference between Medicare Advantage (Part C) and Medicare Supplement Medigap plans.  They are very different. This page covers Medicare Supplement plans.

When you choose to have Original Medicare Parts A and B as your primary coverage, you can add a Medicare Supplement, often called Medigap to cover i) the Parts A and B deductible and ii) the Part B 20% co-share amounts.

Page 42 of federal Medicare Supplement Guide describes how the plans offered in Massachusetts differ from the standardized plans offered throughout the other states. Here is another link describing how, for Massachusetts residents, the plan names and coverage differ from those offered in other states.

Core Lowest premium. Basic benefits. Does not cover Part A or Part B deductible. 
Supplement 1 Highest premium. Basic benefits. Does cover Part A and Part B deductible and the Part B 20% co-insurance. (Similar to Plan F offered in other states, this is available only to individuals eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020)
Supplement 1A Basic benefits. Does cover Part A deductible Part B 20% co-insurance. However, similar to Plan G offered in other states, member must pay the Part B deductible. 

Massachusetts state law requires insurance companies to use the community rating method for their Medigap policies. This means all members pay the same premium regardless of health or age.

Monthly premium costs can range from the lower premium CORE plans to the Supplement 1 plans with zero cost sharing. Also, if you buy an additional rider, like dental coverage, your premium will be slightly higher. The cost for which you are responsible depends on the plan and carrier in which you enroll.

MASSACHSETTS medicare supplement insurance carriers

There are several insurers offering the three Medigap plans in Massachusetts. Your DGAlcorn & Associates licensed Agent Advisors are authorized to represent several of those insurance companies including, in alphabetical order:

Humana [contact us below for enrollment information]
UnitedHealthcare (AARP Program)

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Use the form below to contact an agent advisor for further discussion and assistance with your plan selection and enrollment. After you click the blue submit button, you will see a confirmation page while your agent advisor is being notified to contact you by telephone or email.

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