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Medicare 2023 Parts B and D IRMAA Premiums

2023 Medicare “Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount” to Part B and Part D Premiums

The 2023 standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B beneficiaries is $164.90.

However, it seems from the number of client calls we have received this week many will be charged an additional Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) for Parts B and D and are learning about this now for the first time.

Simply put, your 2023 Medicare Parts B and D premiums can be higher or lower than the standard $164.90 based on your income.

  • Higher? Yes. If the Adjusted Gross Income on your 2021 tax filing exceeded $97,000 ($194,000 joint) your 2023 Medicare Parts B and D premiums are increased. This will be withheld from your 2023 Social Security benefit or, as in my case, reflected in the paper bill.
  • Lower? Yes. If your 2023 annual income is below 186% of the Federal Poverty Level you will be eligible for the Medicare Savings QI Program, regardless of assets, and will not be paying any Part B premium.



Some tips:

  • If you are being charged IRMAA and had a life-changing event that resulted in a reduction in your income, you may be eligible for a reduction in IRMAA. Call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 for the SSA-44 form.
  • Check with your financial planner and/or tax preparer to confirm whether your 2022 tax filing will include income and gains that will trigger a 2024 IRMAA.
  • Or, if your 2023 monthly income is below $2260 individual / $3057 couple schedule a telephone or Zoom call with me and we can review whether you are eligible for the Medicare Savings QI Program.
  • And, share this post with family or friends who may be unaware of IRMAA or NY Medicare Savings QI Program.


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