2021 Medicare Advantage Plans to Use with VA Drug Benefits

DGAlcorn & Associates is pleased to offer Medicare Advantage PPO plans that are a great fit for individuals enrolled Medicare Parts A and B and also use the Veterans Administration for prescription drug benefits.

Since the VA drug benefit satisfies the Medicare Part D requirements, insurance companies can offer a Medicare Advantage plan without prescription drug coverage, called “MA-Only.” And because the companies save money from not including drug coverage, the plans include additional attractive benefits.

Read Dan’s blog post about MA-Only plans and VA drug coverage.

2021 Medicare Advantage MA-Only plans available in New York Capital Region / Hudson Valley:

Company Plan Name Plan Code 
Aetna Medicare Eagle  H5521-323 plan info
United HealthCare Patriot R5342-002 plan info

Please contact an agent advisor to discuss how the MA-Only plan option would work alongside your VA prescription drug benefits.