Case Studies Part C Medicare Advantage Part D Prescription Drug

“Thank you for helping me change my insurance!”

This month I received this wonderful thank you note from Nancy. She had recently relocated and needed to find new doctors along with a Medicare Advantage plan covering those doctors and her medications.

Nancy was concerned that she would have to remain on her current plan and wait until the Annual Open Enrollment Period in order to find a new plan effective January 1 of next year!

Nancy was relieved when I let her know she was eligible for a plan change due to a Special Enrollment Period.

A Special Enrollment Period allows eligible individuals like Nancy who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B to make a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan selection or change outside of the normal October 15 – December 7 time frame.

When are you eligible for the Special Enrollment Period? The 5 most frequent examples I see:


The initial, annual and special enrollment periods are when individuals enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B can make Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement or Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. Please feel free to call Dan at (518) 346-2115 for a no-cost no-obligation consultation.

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