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medicare advantage plans for veterans

We often receive calls from veterans who are paying a monthly premium to be enrolled in a MAPD, a Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug Plan while having their prescription medications filled through the VA (Veterans Affairs)

These veterans are enrolled in Medicare Part A and pay the Part B premium. However since these veterans have their prescription medications filled through their VA (Veterans Affairs) benefit, they meet the Medicare Part D “creditable drug coverage” requirement and do not need separate Part D coverage, too.

These vets correctly realized some portion of the MAPD monthly premium was for Part D drug coverage which they didn’t use and didn’t need. And so they asked me if it is possible to drop the drug coverage and reduce the premium.

The Solution?

While it is not possible to drop the drug coverage from a Medicare Advantage plan with Part D built in, I was able to identify some MA-Only plans available in their community. (A MA-Only plan includes similar health benefits (doctor, specialist, hospitalization, tests, etc) but without the Prescription Drug part.) And, the MA-Only plans the veterans select included access to a nearby fitness center, some preventative dental benefit as well as a monthly credit toward over the counter (OTC) healthcare items.

Q: Can I enroll in a MA-Only plan now or do I have to wait until January 1?

A: There is a Special Enrollment Period for Veterans Normally, Medicare beneficiaries who choose to change their Part C or Part D plans must wait until the Annual Enrollment Period which begins October 15 for a January 1 effective date. However, veterans with VA drug benefits have a Special Enrollment Period which means veterans do not have to wait. That is how I have been able to assist these veterans mid year.

Many veterans are not aware of this unique plan or the Special Enrollment Period option. Please share this information with a family member, friend or neighbor who may be both Medicare-eligible and VA-eligible.

For specific details on the MA-Only plans in your area, please select below an agent advisor who will contact you shortly and, with no-obligation, review your options.

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