Medicare Telephone Scam (please share)

Criminals try to scam seniors year-round however the Annual Enrollment Period (October 15 – December) is a prime time for scammers to impersonate a government agency, as older Americans are more likely to be dealing with Medicare related issues.

The latest scam focuses on the new Medicare ID card being sent to all Medicare recipients beginning in April 2018 through April 2019. (The cards will be automatically sent and will replace your Social Security number with a randomly generated ID number.)


Scam calls during Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

These scammers, knowing we are in week four of the Annual Enrollment Period and aware of the upcoming card design change, are calling seniors to confirm your personal information on the card or they say you must pay a fee to receive the new card. It’s a scam.  If you receive such a call – or any unsolicited call – do not provide personal identity information, just hang up.  To report a suspected scam, visit the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker.

“Scammers are opportunistic, and they take advantage of whatever topics are in the news and on people’s minds,” said Katherine Hutt, national spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau.


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