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A conversation: Focus the fight against cancer instead of the HMO

In this nearly 16 minute conversation Greensboro North Carolina residents, Bob and Signe Foxworth, talk about their frustration and anxiety of trying, unsuccesfully, to obtain HMO approval for Bob’s preferred out of network prostate cancer treatment. Listen as Bob and Signe explain how peace of mind came when Dan counseled them to revert to Original Medicare and enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan N.
Signe: “As I recall, it was tremendous anxiety at the time. Because not being able to get the treatment sooner rather than later could have had fatal consequences … We had more anxiety fighting the (HMO) insurance company than we did about his illness… We were kind of at our wits end.”
Bob: “I got $20,000 worth of treatment for $20 … Everything was covered.”
Signe: “In this whole thing, the most precious thing is that peace of mind knowing that you are covered. Yes, you strain a little on your monthly budget But things happen unexpectedly and you are covered. It’s really beautiful.”

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