Developing a Leadership Mindset

There’s no future in leadership for individuals holding on to their limiting beliefs.  For many, a breakthrough happens when limiting beliefs are replaced with an empowering belief system.

I have benefited from interacting with thought leaders in various fields.  Some of the short interviews are available online at Blog Talk Radio.

“If you’re not happy with the results you’re producing in life, perhaps it’s time to stop taking your own advice.” or “If you’re not happy with the results your beliefs are producing, perhaps it’s time to adopt some more empowering beliefs.”

In the next two videos, New York Times best-selling author and a Life Leadership founder, Orrin Woodward walks us through four lens by which we may view our circumstances: victim, follower, producer and leader.


Learning Organizations -Part II

red_arrow I have benefited from the information in the LLR (Life Leadership Revolution) book and CD Series. Topics covered include finances, leadership, public speaking, attitude, goal setting, mentoring, game planning, accountability and tracking of progress, levels of motivation, levels of influence, and leaving a personal legacy.


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